The village of Pedona

We love
our territory and in addition to offering typical products and a mainly local cuisine, we pay particular attention and commitment to the growth and preservation of this splendid corner of Versilia.

Pedona is a fraction of the municipality of Camaiore, in the province of Lucca. Ancient 11th century castle on the hills of Camaiore, together with those of Montebello, Monteggiori, Greppolungo, Montecastrese, Peralla and Montemagno, constituted the defense and sighting circle of the Camaiore village. Di Pedona is still clearly visible the characteristic conformation of the castle gathered within the walls and around the bell tower; this conformation is even more visible from an aerial view which highlights the typical structure of the buildings of the time.

The history of the village of Pedona begins with the 11th century castle of the Nobili Flammi di Pedona, which had a circular tower and large defensive walls. In 1153 some nobles of the family sold their portion of the castle including a tower to the bishop of Lucca. On 7 May 1170 the castle was destroyed by the Lucchesi during a war against the Versilian Cattani and in 1324 Castruccio Castracani had a second lookout tower built there which remained there until the seventeenth century. From here the village developed ..

The church of San Jacopo is still present in the town, built in the thirteenth century and then renovated, it boasts a wonderful nineteenth-century organ of the Agati and Tronci.

The panorama that can be enjoyed from the town allows you to admire the entire Versilia coast and the wonderful mountains that surround Camaiore.