Il Soggiorno, I eat well and go back!

Il Soggiorno Restaurant is located on the top of the Pedona hill, about 5km from the center of Camaiore and 15km from the Versilia coast. A place for those who love nature and splendid views, in fact from the Pedona hill it is possible to admire the Camaiore valley, the Pania mountains and Mount Prana which reaches 1200 meters.

Between 300 and 400 meters clockwise from the west you can see the villages of S. Lucia, La Culla, Greppolungo, Casoli, Metato, Peralla, La Pieve, Nocchi, Montemagno and finally looking south you can see the whole Tyrrhenian coast.
Our story..

Il Soggiorno was born in 1963, the founders of this restaurant are Francesco Cecchi and Graziella Gabrielli.

Graziella has given a great imprint to the place thanks to the ancient recipes handed down by her parents, who practiced the so-called "poor cuisine" and Francesco has always taken care of the activity with attention and commitment, creating a refreshment point known for its excellent cuisine, friendliness and more ..

Today the business is managed by the sons Angelo and Francesca in collaboration with their sister Daniela (producer of the legendary tordelli) and Daniele (Francesca's husband) who takes care of the dining room and cellar of the restaurant.
Not just a restaurant ..

In 1963 the Cecchi couple, in addition to the restaurant and snack bar, opened a grocery store with all the typical products of the area where you can find the famous PECORINO SCOPPOLATO DI PEDONA, THE CHEESE DELLA VERSILIA (uncle Ulisse's pecorino), IL LARDO DI CAMAIORE, LA MORTADELLA NOSTRALE and many other delicacies from the Camaiore valley. But the beauty of the shop, in addition to the quality of the products we store, is the possibility of shopping on any day (except Tuesday afternoon closed for shifts) and at any time, in fact, many foreign and Italian tourists come for lunch or dinner, and then calmly do the shopping to take home.